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 2018-2019 Schedule: 

** CHANGE TO MEETING DATE *** Next Boosters GENERAL MEETING is THURSDAY, January 17, 2019 -- 7pm cafeteria -- EVERY TEAM MUST SEND A REPRESENTATIVE OR A COACH TO THIS MEETING.  We will be discussing Mulch Madness, which will occur on 3/16 - 3/17 and requires the participation of every team at BCC.  Coaches, designate a rep to attend this meeting today!

Next Boosters EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING is 7am, Friday, Feb 8, 2019 (Room B118) -- interested in becoming a part of our executive committee or helping in any way?Contact President Kristie Galic, kristieblairgalic@gmail.com. 

Executive Committee meetings are held at 7am in the small conference room near Dr. Considine’s office.  General Membership meetings are held at 7pm in the cafeteria unless otherwise posted. Meet the Coaches Nights are held at 7pm in the auditorium. If the date or time of these events changes, you will be notified by email to the Boosters board, and by notice posted to the Boosters website (and/or link on the school’s athletics department website).


Friday, August 17 - Executive Committee

Tuesday, August 21 – Fall Meet the Coaches Night

Thursday, September 13 – Back to School Night

Friday, September 14 – Boosters Tailgate Party, at the Football Game

Thursday, September 20 – Membership Meeting

Friday, October 12 – Executive Committee

Wednesday, November 7 – NCAA Recruiting Informational Meeting

Saturday, November 17 -- BLUE AND GOLD Boosters Bash - Rock Creek Mansion on Cedar Lane, 7-10pm Band, Drinks, Food, 75/25 Raffle for BCC athletics, and Fun (no auction -- just a great night to social with BCC parents and coaches!)  Buy tickets at bccmulch.com or bccboosters.com

Tuesday, November 27 – Winter Meet the Coaches Night

Friday, December 14 – Executive Committee



Wednesday, January 9 – Membership Meeting

Friday, February 8 – Executive Committee

Tuesday, March 12 – Spring Meet the Coaches Night

Friday, March 15 – Sunday, March 17 – Annual Mulch Sale

Friday, April 12 – Executive Committee

Wednesday, May 8 – College Athletes Commitment Celebration

Friday, June 14 – Executive Committee

Be a part of the team -- each year, the Sports Boosters hold fundraising events and sponsors school sports activities.  We host Meet The Coaches Night* along with the Athletic Director, run Concessions and the School store, which directly benefit your teams, and, we host the Blue & Gold Boosters Bash and MULCH MADNESS Mulch Sale, grossing over $110,000 which brings about $50,000 to our teams.  The dollar amount donated to each team is determined by the number of volunteers from that team who participated in full shifts at the Mulch Sale on 3/17 & 3/18.  

We are currently looking for assistants in the school store and concessions stand.     Please contact Kristie Galic, kristieblairgalic@gmail.com if you can help.

* Please note that the BCC Administration has chosen to cancel Fall, Winter and Spring Awards Night in favor of allowing teams to hold their own banquets at a time and location of their choosing.  


    VOLUNTEER TODAY FOR A 1 HOUR SHIFT AT THE SCHOOL STORE.  Not only will you be helping your student/athlete, you will be able to see what goes on during the school day inside BCC (be a fly on the wall!) THE 2018-19 VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP SYSTEM WILL BE AVAILABLE BY AUGUST 1, 2018.


      The Boosters does not administer the SnapRaise fundraisers - our only involvement is to hold the money collected for each team in their Boosters Team Account.  SnapRaise fundraising was introduced by the Administration as an alternative to door to door fundraising, for a specific item.  SnapRaise does keep 23% of the funds collected -- if you would like 100% of your donation to go to your team, please contact the Boosters directly, or kristieblairgalic@gmail.com.  All parents should be notified prior to the beginning of any snap raise campaign, and your child should be made aware of what the money is being collected for.