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Sponsors & Ads

Alumni Donation Opportunities

Class of 1983 Stadium Renovation Donations - Click Here

Email Booster President Kristie Galic (kristieblairgalic@gmail.com) if you'd like a special donation collection for your graduating class!

Sponsor & Ad Opportunities

There are now four main opportunities to support B-CC Athletics.


  1. Banner Advertising –The 2 ½ X 5 foot nylon full-color banners are proudly on display during the entire Winter (in the gym) and during the Spring (along upper field fencing). During “home” games, our announcer recognizes all banner advertisers. Call Greg Kiel, Next Day Sign Express, for creation of the banner at reduced rates for BCC advertisers – your choice of coroplast or nylon, must be 2.5 x 5.


The cost for Winter/Spring banner advertising: $500 


  1. Booster Mulch Sale -- Last year we sold over 17,000 bags of mulch in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase area. More than 10,000 flyers were mailed or handed out between December and February – with Advertisers on all flyers. We are only able to accommodate 3 advertisers on our flyers at any time, so if you are interested please act quickly!


Cost for advertising: $275


  1. Boosters Tailgate Party (Auction and Social Event) – Many sports families, coaches and staff attend our Boosters “Tailgate” party!  On November 18, 2017, at the Edgemoor Club, we will mingle, meet coaches and share stories with other BCC sports families! We will raffle off a vacation home, and have a silent auction  We have food and drinks, including a fun signature BCC cocktail. This year we are looking to just one Tailgate sponsor. The Tailgate Sponsor will be identified on all promotional materials, receive two tickets to the event, and will be announced and prominently identified as the Event Sponsor.

 Cost for Sponsors:

            Tailgate Sponsor: $500


  1. Digital Indoor Scoreboard -- Our new digital scoreboard for basketball, volleyball and wrestling will have allow for two advertising options – beginning January 2018! You may purchase one of two static panels. The panels are located on the right and left hand sides of the digital display and can display your logo and business name only.  Call Greg Kiel, Next Day Sign Express, for creation of the static panel at reduced rates for BCC advertisers ($50). The second option involves a digital display ad – email us (mike.viqueira@gmail.com) for ad set-up and creation information costs.


See the 60” boostr tables on youtube for more information.


Static Panels: $400 for all 8 basketball games

Or $75 per game

Digital Display: $400 for 1 quarter of all 8 basketball games

(provide us with your digital ad, call to discuss set-up and option)

Static Panel and Digital Display ad packages available, email mike.viqueira@gmail.com



  1. Web Banner Ads – Most months baronathletics.net has over XXX unique visits and over XXXX page views. This number will continue to grow as our coaches, parents, students, and athletes become more accustomed to our design. VNN, the creator of our sight will design and post your web banner ad which would run for the entire school year. NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FALL 2018.


Cost for advertising: $750


Combinations. We would be happy to offer a (10%) percent on the total cost of your ad buy, when you spend over $1000. Thank you for your continued support of B-CC Athletics.




Mike Viqueira (mike.viqueira@gmail.com), B-CC Boosters Sponsorship or Kristie Galic (kristieblairgalic@gmail.com), President